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Yeah, Another Blog.

Here at Loop Central, we are dedicated to producing a blog that’s really interesting
(and also good for our SEO), because all of us report to Google, right?

The PR Loop team has some seriously good writers so we’re expecting them to contribute their original ideas.
We’re also looping – excuse us, looking – at what’s being discussed in The Loop and will provide our macro analysis.
It’s always interesting seeing the differences and similarities between professionals working across the country
or in completely different industries like ice cream and aerospace. You can look smart at work and share the trends
and patterns we discover. Finally, we welcome blog submissions from our beloved Loopers.
Y’all know AP Style, right?

misinformation, fake news, prsa code of ethics
Diane Eichler

During the Age of Misinformation

With the proliferation of social media, public distrust of the media, and human tendencies like confirmation bias, misinformation continues in our society.

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Diane Eichler

Next Generation Digital for Public Relations

Every industry is evolving due to advances in technology or disruptors entering the market. The most important thing is to accept that evolution happens, and adapt accordingly.