An Event Planner’s Dream Come True.

What if you could see the other events already scheduled in your city or another market?
Loopers share dates and venues as soon as they start setting them. This collaborative, transparent system
reduces potential conflicts which saves you time and headache. Plus, your client or company will save some
cold hard cash. It’s a win-win so get out your planners and start posting your in-person and virtual dates!


Simply review the calendar based on the location you’re holding your event, and browse to select a date and time that doesn’t conflict with someone else’s event.


Upload your event details including capacity, type of event, media that you’ll be inviting, whether your event is face-to-face or virtual (including all dial in links), a hero image and RSVP details.


If you find an event that’s scheduled at the same time and attracting similar media to the one you want to host, fear not! Simply reach out to your fellow Loopers to see how you can accommodate one another.


If you’re a journalist looking for your next scoop or want to attend an event that you may not have made on the guest list, no worries! Reach out to your fellow Looper and see if they have vacancy, no doubt they’d be happy to share the invitation details with you.


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Things You Need To Know

The First of Several Million Reasons Why The PR Loop Event Diary Rocks.

The PR Loop Event Diary enables you to check out what other events are being held in your Loop or geographic market. Never again, will you book an event, start all the planning, discover there's a conflict and look terrible to your client or boss. Not to mention potentially waste their money. There's room for all of us to put on a great party.

Yes, Even Another Reason Why the PR Loop Event Diary Will Rock Your World.

For journalists who have started a new beat or moved to a new market, a simple way to find out what’s happening in town (or virtually) is to hop onto the The PR Loop Event Diary. You can easily connect with an organizer because all their details are listed right in the event details.

The Diary Delivers the Goods.

How about collaborating with likeminded brands and live events in your market or across the country? Jump into The PR Loop Event Diary to propose providing fun merchandise for goodie bags, recommend a kick ass photographer or suggest an award-winning caterer? Connect with an event host and collaborate, it’s a win-win!