The PR Loop Community Policies

Remember the Golden Rule? In order to create a relaxed but constructive environment, please to be respectful of the rights and opinions of others. We really can agree to disagree and maybe even share a drink afterward. Insults, threats or harassment of other members, organizations or employees are strictly prohibited.

The PR Loop has zero tolerance for people who aren’t tolerant of others. The PR Loop is an inclusive community. We will nuke, delete and extinguish any content that is:

  • defamatory, indecent, hateful, racist xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, disgraceful, vulgar or inappropriate;
  • encouraging illegal activity, or promoting faith, labor or political organizations.
  • Any comment that appears to support criminal or violent behavior toward oneself or others will be reported to the proper authorities. You don’t want to be improper to proper people.

  • Be transparent and honest. It’s not hard. In fact, it’s actually kind of fun. You know the expression — if you always tell the truth you don’t have to remember what you said. Bingo!
  • Add value: Contribute to the conversation, but don’t take it over.
  • Keep private contact information private. If you don’t and they make a Netflix story about what happened to you . . . we warned you and aren’t liable [read our privacy policy and terms and conditions].
  • Don’t get us wrong, we really want your comments, critiques, questions, and suggestions. We just want everyone to stay focused and respectful, avoid profanity, offensive statements, illegal content. Let’s be blunt, if you’ve made it this far and still aren’t clear, don’t bother reading on.
  • Do not post ads, links to your company, or links promoting your clients without a cohesive pitch or explanation supporting it. We don’t want to read a bunch of ads and we’re guessing you don’t for your membership fees either? We will remove any posts or content that does not adhere to this guideline.
  • Do not attempt to charge fees after your initial post implies no fees. That’s super uncool (not to mention unprofessional) and we don’t roll that way.
  • Anything pay to play (P2P) including fees by bloggers to review products, any broadcast, social, gift bag or print opportunities must be disclosed in the initial post. Do not say you will provide “great exposure,” without clearly stating you require funds. Again, super uncool.
  • If you are a media outlet of any kind seeking new contributors through The PR Loop, you must disclose if it is unpaid.
  • Do not survey the group please. The PR Loop is not for market research. But Trader Joe’s is a great market and occasionally they have market research reps outside.
  • Do not post press releases here. Use Story Match! It’s much more fun not to mention more effective.
  • The PR Loop is not an appropriate place to fundraise – please do not post any kickstarter, gofundme, crowdsource links because they will be deleted. We all have groups, causes and organizations we care about. That’s nice but keep it to your personal network. If you have a special request, you are welcome to send it to hello@theprloop.com and the administrators will review the details and respond accordingly. We aren’t cold-hearted. We want to help others. But, we need the main features of the site to stay business-related.
  • Do not simply ask for media contacts. The PR Loop is all about thoughtful networking and communication – queries with a pitch, location, topic, description, client, job and/or ask mentioned will elicit better leads and results.
  • The same goes for unintelligible or irrelevant posts. Tangents can be fun. We love memes and giphy is our BFF. However, absolutely incoherent rants – – – not so much.
  • The PR Loop reserves the right to ban any user at any time without prior written notice for violations of our community policies or terms and conditions.,