The PR Challenge for Challenger Brands

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It’s the novel Pepsi/Coke challenge – who’s the dominant brand, whose the follower? And if you are a PR professional, which brand would you want to represent? The prevailing and dominant market leader, or the challenger brand?

If you’re a journalist, which brand are you more likely to cover, the leader because they have market share, or the challenger because they’re doing something different and standing up to the big guys?

When consulting the best public relations communities in the United States, perspectives are split.

Why do you think disruptive brands capture the attention of the media the way they do? It’s because the disruptors are doing something different. They’re challenging the way we think, feel, transact.

An integrated PR campaign for a challenger brand will incorporate the best public relations and journalist communities to engage and inspire.

Today, more than ever before, the brands that are getting all the headlines are the ones who are telling stories. Stories “go viral” and when they do, everyone who has access to the internet knows about them in a matter of hours. And, of course, the best stories are told using online marketing communities and public relations communities such as The PR Loop PR software platform and the Story Match app.

Here are some simple steps to follow when telling your disruptor challenger story:

  • Consider Your Customer. Know who you’re talking to.
  • Put a Face to the Brand. Consumers connect to brands when there’s a person behind it.
  • Share Your Story. Know what you want to say and to who.
  • Toot Your Own Horn. Ride the publicity wave and use journalist resources to do so. The best online PR tools will help you spread your message to wider audiences.
  • Embrace Controversy. Haters gonna hate hate hate, lovers gonna love love love. Embrace all opinions.
  • Use Technology. There are so many Public Relations resources you can use to share your story.
  • Grow an Army. Bring your customers along on your journey.
  • Everything is a Product Even if It’s a Service. When your brand becomes a verb, you know you’re onto a winner. BRB, I’m just going to Google it…


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