Dionne Taylor

The PR Loop

Dionne Taylor commenced her media career as a journalist in Sydney Australia. When she was 23, she decided to launch her communications consultancy called Polkadot Communications. 

Considered as one of Australia’s youngest PR innovators, Dionne has built a successful agency representing over 500 clients during this time. Specializing in consumer lifestyle brands, she understands how to make these brands famous amongst their competitors.

Passionate about effective communication and storytelling (traits she learned as a journo), Dionne has pioneered new and effective methods to capture the media’s attention and provide a sophisticated service for the agency’s clients.

In 2019, she launched Story Match, an app and desktop platform that connects brands with relevant members of the media through swiping technology. With an app thriving in the market, this simply wasn’t enough for Dionne, so she partnered up with Diane to launch The PR Loop, now claiming her stake in a global audience where she drives, innovates, and contributes to changing the media landscape.

Dionne Taylor - The PR Loop