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Trainee/Training Program

What Can I Expect?

Being a trainee at The PR Loop is a hands-on opportunity to grow and support a tech start-up in the public relations industry. No two days are the same but you'll be assisting with social media, digital public relations, press releases, pitching reporters and representing The PR Loop in the community forums. You'll meet and interact with PR Pros and journalists from around the country and start building your professional network. You will be groomed to act like a professional. How to write an effective email. How to handle delicate situations. You will be trained in marketing/advertising/public relations. The ins-and-outs of writing press releases, assembling editorial calendars, pitching reporters, helping clients, developing ad campaigns, using social media. And then some.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

About Us?

We are casual and like to have fun, but this is still a business. We don’t care if you have your Facebook page open (we actually want you to be interacting on social media with our members), but deadlines and project goals will need to be met. 

You have to earn that Loop credential on your resume. We don’t hand it out to just anyone. Real life experience is precious. We want you to have it here at The PR Loop

Who Can a Trainee Be?

MBA’s, college students, career changers, freshmen, professional reporters and writers can all apply. We care more about you as a person than a credential.  

What Do I Have to Commit and What Will I Get?

We appreciate that being a trainee is unpaid and people are juggling jobs, families, classes and obligations. The ideal time commitment is 15 to 20 hours a week. It takes awhile to learn the ins-and-outs, see programs start up and campaigns roll out. Whatever your time commitment, make it count instead of just sitting home and playing XBox. It’s your future, folks.

Anything Else?

What you put into the The PR Loop, you will get back.  Work hard, have a great attitude and you will make friendships and professional connections you never imagined. Your resume bullet points will shame your competition in the job market.

We will work with you on your resume, cover letters and interviewing skills. Write recommendations. Cold call employers to sing your praises.

Oh, and due to COVID-19, this is a remote opportunity with the hopes that we'll be able to meet you in person at some point in 2021.

How Do I Apply?

Send your resume and cover letter to hello@theprloop.com. Tell us why YOU belong at The PR Loop. We don’t want to know about your classes or your great communication skills. If we wanted token answers, we’d hire your baby sister. DO say something interesting. We love personality over here.  Make us chuckle. Be memorable. Nothing impresses us more. Relax. Be yourself. Make it a conversation!