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The PR Loop is an online membership community for in-house and agency PR professionals as well as journalists to save time and deliver greater value by connecting efficiently with colleagues around the country, exchanging knowledge and locating resources.
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What are Loops?

Join various geographic and industry-related “Loops” to connect with other members in specific geographic locations and industry sectors.

Event Diary

Never double book an event with a competing agency or brand again. The Event Diary allows you to upload an event and scan the event calendar locally, nationally and by industry so you never put on an event at a competing time.

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Digest Loop

Daily Loop Digest

The PR Loop mines the posts, requests, and exchanges that are taking place on our platform and sends you a Daily Loop newsletter – customized to your preferences – memes and all every day.


We are a community comprised of seasoned and veteran people and professionals. That’s it. There’s no other way in. We verify every single member before admitting them into The PR Loop. Kind of like that fancy country club but better, cooler and much more profitable.

Pro to Pro

Story Match

Build relationships not lists with our proprietary software platform, Story Match. Built to connect PR Pros and journalists with easy-to-use swiping technology. Start pitching and start swiping today.

Why Invest in The PR Loop?

Simply because it helps its users. Whether working at a PR agency, in-house or as a reporter — The PR Loop saves time, reduces stress and pleases stakeholders, thus operating more profitably.

If the PR Loop saves a mid-level account person just 1 hour a week, that is 50 hours a year. Using an average blended rate of $175/hr. that means a $600 Loop membership returns a minimum of $8,750 in profit or productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll enjoy free, unlimited access to all the tools associated with The PR Loop – including Story Match! And, you will experience (in full) how The PR Loop can help build your business, save time and money. What are you waiting for — jump into The Loop for your free 60 days!

Free means free, but not forever. Your free trial is free for 60 days, after which time your paid subscription will begin. If however, you cancel before the trial period is over, you won’t be charged a single penny. Nothing. Nada. That means there are absolutely no costs or PR Loop fees for your first 60 days. So why not jump into The Loop today!

The PR Loop is built for all PR professionals and members of the media, however it is free access for journalists. Simply follow the verification process once you sign up to the free trial, and we will be in touch within 48 hours to verify your membership.

As this is a peer-to-peer platform, we want to ensure that our members all benefit from their experience. That’s why we ask you a series of questions when you sign up to ensure you’re the right fit for The PR Loop. You’ll be asked to supply first name, surname, email address, current employment, and a link to your LinkedIn profile during the sign up process.

We verify every submission within 48 hours. Upon membership approval, your login credentials will be sent via email.

We’re so glad you asked. It’s easy. Just keep using your account. After your first 60 days are up, you’ll become a paid subscriber to The PR Loop. 

We’re more than happy to conduct a virtual demo. Click here to schedule. Don’t forget, every customer gets a 60-day free trial, what have you got to lose?

Don't Build Lists.
Build Connections.

Story Match is essentially like a dating app but instead of uniting two people using very misleading pictures of themselves, it introduces a story idea to a journalist who’s looking for an idea like that, at the right time. Story Match is the new way to pitch a story without writing a release that goes through mind-numbing rounds of internal revisions that the journalist may never get read.

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Build Connections with Story Match

How Much Does The PR Loop Cost?

You’ve been asked “how much” enough times in your career to know that everyone likes a deal. You do too, right?
So, there’s lots of answers to that question. Our memberships are sold on individual seat rates. There are volume discounts based on the number of people in your organization. Journalists don’t pay a dime. And there’s a meaningful non-profit discount.

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